Capability Lab

The Capability Lab has been responsible for a number of projects, many of which are still ongoing. The CL began work on a tablet project for a Fortune 100 company in first quarter of 2011. This tablet includes some of the hottest technology such as improved touchscreen capabilities, customized widgets and the Android Honeycomb OS. Our CL engineers are hard at work developing and testing every aspect of this tablet to ensure that we deliver a quality product for our client to launch.

Another ongoing project that CL is currently involved with is MIPS based Android. This is an internal research project based on Android 2.1 and involves the investigation of code changes for MIPS.

Finally, one last sample CL project involves 3D graphic rendering with BREW. The team was responsible for developing an application that could render an emergency escape plan (such as showing hallways, fire extinguishers and exits) in 3D that would allow end users easier navigation through buildings in the event of an emergency.