CIeNET opens new office in Beijing

CIeNET’s growth expectations are going strong with the establishment of a brand new office in the heart of the bustling Wang Jing Technology Park. The office occupies various floors within the Qi Ming International Building which will serve as the corporate headquarters for CIeNET in Beijing. New opportunities will come along with the new office expansion; the increased size facilitates larger resource pools and greater access to support services that are offered to customers.

“We are excited to start the next chapter of CIeNET’s history with a brand new office”, says Howard Yang, CIeNET’s General Manager for Asia. “I look forward to new opportunities ahead.”

In addition to more space for administrative and business functions, CIeNET’s Capability Lab has been moved over as well and will benefit greatly from the addition of more CIeNET engineers. This facility marks the beginning of a new global delivery center dedicated to providing high quality services to meet the needs of CIeNET customers in an ever-changing global environment.