Company Culture

The culture of our company revolves around our people. We want to create an environment that is fun, challenging, and interesting. It is important for our team to feel that CIeNET is a place they can grow their career and build their future. A sense of the community around us is also a very important part of CIeNET’s culture. Our team is dedicated to the three core founding principles of CIeNET: Quality, Integrity, and Leadership. These core values enable CIeNET to deliver industry-leading solutions while still being a company that employees enjoy working for.


Although we emphasize hard work and personal growth, we also realize the need for FUN. Our management team encourages and sponsors regular team-building outings for all of our project teams. CIeNET holds weekly table tennis and badminton outings, and regularly plans ski trips, hiking trips, volleyball, basketball and soccer games.


Active communication throughout CIeNET is essential to our success. Open forums are routinely scheduled where individuals have an opportunity to engage in a Question and Answer session with members of the management team. Employee Satisfaction Surveys are prepared annually and all feedback is evaluated anonymously. In addition, internal newsletters with the latest updates are broadcasted regularly.


Beyond the corporate community within CIeNET, our employees are encouraged to have a strong sense of the surrounding communities in China. Since 2003, we have actively participated in the Hope Project, an opportunity to provide growth and development opportunities for children in Huai Lai County, He Bei Province. Come visit our Hope Project Section to learn more about the Hope Project and see some pictures. In addition, we love to participate in other community-oriented activities, such as a tree-planting event recently held by FESCO.