Mission and Core Values

Our Mission

Provide the best development teams and environment to deliver high quality, cost effective and timely solutions that exceed our clients' needs. Foster a long-term relationship with our clients to grow our clients' business.

Our Values

The company has been built around three core values : Quality, Integrity, and Leadership. These three core values have helped to shape CIeNET into the successful outsourcing partner that clients have come to depend on.


Behind every R&D product release, QA test, and design implementation CIeNET emphasizes the quality of the work. We understand the importance of the work that we do in influencing the future of our clients, therefore we always maintain the highest level of quality. We apply ourselves and our efforts to the maximum and pride ourselves on our ability to execute our commitments on-time.


Integrity is the steadfast adherence to a strict moral and ethical code. The integrity of CIeNET Technologies is comprised of the individual ethics of our employees. At CIeNET, we strive to always do what is right, whether that means respecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) or implementing a non-competition clause. Our dedication and focus on integrity helps to separate ourselves from the competition. Integrity is the foundation for conducting our daily activities.


CIeNET encourages personal career development, and this type of development raises leaders. We believe that exhibiting and encouraging leadership is a cornerstone for achieving excellence. CIeNET fosters the growth of employees and strives to push employees to achieve personal success. We strongly emphasize our succession planning for employees and frequently provide the necessary trainings to empower our employees to become leaders. We are constantly amazed by what our staff is capable of accomplishing when they are empowered to do so.