Corporate Social Responsibility

At CIeNET, we understand that our actions have impacts beyond the business world. We share a commitment to our community and our environment. We feel a sense of connection to today’s rapidly changing society, a responsibility to take part in the advancement of the communities we live and work in. Thus, CIeNET strives to embed good corporate citizenship into our business practices. The core of our business is integrity – integrity in interactions with our clients, our employees, and our community. Beyond that, we take additional measures to fulfill our social responsibility.

Social Responsibility

Through our Hope Project, CIeNET employees have been blessed with the opportunity to actively participate in the educational development of children in Huai Lai County, He Bei Province. Every year since 2003, employees have sponsored children in the region, allowing them to pursue their education. By 2011, CIeNET employees sponsored more than 1000 children! When employees visit their sponsored students, the students share what they have learned in school, and employees enjoy connecting with the community.

CIeNET also supports other societal causes as the need arises. For example, after the Sichuan earthquake, CIeNET employees organized and collected donations towards disaster relief.

Environmental Responsibility

CIeNET seeks to minimize any adverse effects our business may have on the environment. We are committed to Green IT solutions to improve the environmental conditions that we all share. In addition to environmental projects and comprehensive recycling systems, we encourage our employees to embrace green, energy-efficient lifestyles and practices.

2014 CSR report

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2015 CSR report

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2016 CSR report

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