CIeNET provides on-time, high-quality deliverables with the help of our talented, qualified engineers. Clients laud our willingness to take on challenges and overcome obstacles to meet their needs, with both on-site and off-site technical solutions. CIeNET is a leading technology service provider in telecommunications and mobile devices and has extensive experience in embedded software development across industries.



CIeNET is a leading technology service porvider in the Telecommunications Industry in China. Since 2000, CIeNET has been playing an active role in the quickly growing area of Telecom R&D in China. Our expertise in Telecom covers the entire vertical market to include value-added services, billing systems, base stations, and network management systems. Projects involve software development, testing, architecture, requirements gathering, research, and maintenance. Our management team has over 30 years of individual experience in various projects and product developments in Telecom.


The future of technology continues to be in miniaturization and mobility. CIeNET works very closely with major chipset and mobile device manufacturers to develop new solutions for mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, and other portable devices. These solutions include design, testing and implementation among many other services.

Financial Services and Banking

CIeNET specializes in billing, customer care, and payment solutions for the financial services industries. We have developed collection systems for a variety of clients, ranging from banks to industry associations.


Since 2002, CIeNET has provided software development and testing for oil field services. Projects include the implementation, maintenance, testing and release of systems for data acquisition, analysis, presentation and delivery.

Media and Entertainment

CIeNET develops Set Top Boxes, xDSL routers, cable modem, digital TV, and other related equipment. Projects focus on R&D activities of new products, new features, maintenance, and testing. We work with industry leaders to support their continued growth in the world-wide marketplace.

Transportation and Logistics

CIeNET has developed new postage meters, localization, maintenance, and testing.

Automotive IVI & Telematics

CIeNET has developed Andorid-based IVI system for leading automaker and  fleet management solution for top wireless technology services provider.