Strategic Values

CIeNET provides top-level software development and testing engineers for global clients at cost-effective rates. We provide a viable and competitive option for companies with our professional project management, mature processes, technically strong engineers and experience.

CIeNET Value

Every project and respective project team is self-contained in private facilities and monitored 24 hours by security personnel. Engineers uphold Intellectual Property to the highest degree. Teams are managed by qualified and experienced project managers and follow strict processes. Our technical solutions provide peace of mind to our clients - they know that their IPR is not at risk and that their project is managed with the utmost care and maturity.

Here are a few other value-added services provided with our technical solutions:

  • We help our clients meet their product release dates on-time while operating within their budgetary constraints.

  • We help our clients increase their margins by reducing their overhead costs.

  • We help our clients extend their market share.

  • We help our clients establish and ramp up their China facilities.

  • We help our clients easily transition between their employees and ours.

  • We help our clients by providing the most technically proficient engineers available.