CIeNET firmly believes in the continual development of its employees. This is why CIeNET has dedicated staff to manage the Organizational Training program. The CIeNET training program includes technical, English, and soft-skill training workshops. Training workshops focus on career development of employees.


Technology is constantly evolving in all industries. CIeNET realizes this natural process and therefore implements periodic training sessions on a wide-variety of technologies.


The majority of CIeNET clients are foreign-based corporations who use English as their language of communication. English communication is necessary for conducting business, specifically, training workshops on proper behavior and effective management in Western business culture.

Soft Skills

Soft Skills are important personal attributes that are helpful to have not only in business but in all aspects of life. CIeNET offers training workshops to employees in subjects such as interpersonal skills, effective communication, creativity, analytical thinking, leadership, and time management.  These classes enhance our employees’ personal interactions, job performance, and career prospects.