Service Offerings

We understand that every project, situation, and client is unique. Our flexible service models are built around your short and long term goals and it is our goal to accommodate a wide-range of project scopes. We offer the following service models in order to accomplish that goal: Offshore Development Centers, Technical Consulting, On-site Managed Services, On-site Consultant and Technical Solution, all of which can be tailored to specific client needs.

Regardless of whichever service model you choose, your Intellectual Property remains of utmost importance to us. We are 100% committed to protecting our client's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). We have implemented a stringent set of processes following ISO 17799/27001 in order to effectively protect and ensure the safety of our client's IPR.

  • Offshore Development Centers allow clients to successfully transfer projects overseas to CIeNET facilities overseen by experienced project managers.
  • On-site Managed Service offers a quick ramp-up of technical experts for clients that already have R&D facilities.
  • Technical Consulting teams with specialized industry expertise analyze client requirements to provide technical solutions.
  • On-site Consultant Service provides clients with professional, high-performance personnel to supplement their engineer needs.
  • Technical Solution includes CIeNET developed software module that offer value and stability

For each service model, CIeNET offers architecture, development, and testing services.

CIeNET’s deep belief in quality, integrity, and leadership translates into added value for our clients. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions, on-time, and with full protection of IPR. With our knowledge of the regional market, we readily provide clients with quick ramp-ups, well-qualified staff and the logistical knowledge to manage overseas product transfers.