Offshore Development Center

CIeNET Offshore Development Center (ODC) offers offsite software development and testing options to companies looking extend their current R&D capabilities without investing in in-house development.

Why Offshore?

Our development centers help clients:

  • Meet product release dates on-time and under-budget with our fully-managed teams
  • Quickly develop new products and extend market share using our expertise
  • Reduce overhead costs and increase margins by using CIeNET facilities
  • Smoothly transfer overseas projects with experienced project managers

High Quality

As a company with a strong technical background, quality is always our highest priority. We develop long-term relationships with most of our clients, who know that we always have their best interests at heart. Experienced CIeNET project managers supervise the delivery of work assignments to meet project timelines and delivery expectations. Our highly-qualified project mangers have proven track records of successful overseas project transfers from global leaders in Sweden, Japan, the UK, Israel, and the United States, among others.

CMMI Level 3 software development and testing processes are implemented and tailored according to project requirements. Regularly scheduled status reports and deliverables are integrated into the project plan and strictly adhered to. Online tracking of project statuses are available to increase client managers’ ability to monitor project progress.

IPR Protection

Following our commitment to IPR protection, our Offshore Centers implement strict security protocols including access control entry, video surveillance, and 24 hour security personnel. All projects are self-contained in private facilities and are never co-shared. Networks are dedicated to respective clients and projects and are protected by network firewalls. We implement IT services and information security procedures strictly according to ISO 9001 and ISO17799/27001 processes. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans are established for each Offshore Center to ensure the continuity and stability of the project with backups being saved regularly in dual locations. Our server rooms follow fire-proofing measures including fire-proof doors and have an additional layer of security with two-way and two-factor authentication entry security.