On-site Managed Service

For our clients that already have R&D facilities, CIeNET can quickly ramp-up a team of technical experts to provide flexible, on-site technical expertise in a CIeNET managed project team environment. Managed services are especially efficient when large system networks need to be linked for conducting development or testing work.

CIeNET will assemble a project team inclusive of project manager, team leads, developers, and testers to work onsite at client facilities in a fully managed environment. CIeNET management will take responsibility for preparing project deliverables, managing project team members, and following the project plan. Project managers will act as single points of contact with client management to provide timely status updates, facilitate open communications, and ensure quality of deliverables.

As with our ODCs, CIeNET on-site managed services ensure the protection of client IP through our process standards. We have a comprehensive security management and IPR protection system that is ISO 27001 certified. Our Project Management Process follows CMMI L3 industry-wide standards and Agile development methodologies to manage quality targets, project processes, project plans, and our commitment to stakeholders. We deploy a combined CMMI and Agile style that is tailored for each unique client and project.