Software quality is a reflection of the developer. We provide high quality solutions because we choose only the best development engineers. Over half of our engineers have more than four years of work experience. Our engineers also carry various certifications. Their skill sets include a multitude software platforms and programming languages which are further strengthened through CIeNET’s training opportunities. Project management also plays a key role in the development cycle. CIeNET is CMMI L3 certified with Agile-processes. In addition to Scrum, we utilize various life cycle models such as Incremental, V, or Spiral depending on the nature of the project and the guidelines established by the client.

Our development projects cover many of today’s most popular software platforms, from Android to Windows. We have developed applications, user interfaces, device drivers and other software components for some of the largest mobile device vendors and technology companies in the world. However, we are not limited to only software. We have provided embedded solutions for set-top boxes, advanced solutions for mailstream devices, and devised solutions to be used in oil field services, just to name a few. All of our projects are measured by well-defined KPIs to ensure that quality products and services are delivered on time to our clients.

Sample Projects:

  • GSM / CDMA Network OA&M
  • CDMA Wireless System Development
  • XScale Platform Applications - Embedded
  • Billing and Customer Care
  • Mobile Phone & PDA Applications - Embedded
  • GSM Network Infrastructure Development
  • CDMA Network Infrastructure Development
  • Service Execution Environment and SS7 Applications
  • Wireless Subsystem software development over Embedded OS
  • Operation Support System (OSS) software development
  • Postal System - Embedded
  • Oil Field Service Application