CIeNET Releases New OpenStack-based Private Cloud Services

December, 2012, Beijing

CIeNET Technologies, a leading technology service provider announces its launch of new Cloud Services, which is based on the open source platform OpenStack. CIeNET Cloud Services provides enterprises easy and cost effective deployments to the latest cloud technology. CIeNET brings enterprises the virtualization, cloud storage and IaaS environment for their own private clouds, especially SMEs with limited IT staff and cloud expertise.


Low-Cost, High-efficiency with OpenStack

CIeNET presented “The Practice of Deploying OpenStack in SMEs” at the OpenStack APAC Conference on August 11, 2012. The presentation provided an in-depth analysis and a new perspective on the basic concepts of cloud enablement such as, reasons for deployment, strategy for deployment, and challenges with OpenStack execution in cloud technology.

Most SMEs have limited knowledge regarding cloud technology for internal application. There are many doubts for even large software development companies. There are questions such as “what is cloud technology; why is cloud needed; why does a company need cloud deployment; what happens without cloud deployment?”  More importantly is the issue on the cost for cloud deployment; “will it help reduce cost, capitalize on the benefits, or create a new profit model after the deployment?”

“We suggest enterprises to develop a gradual implementation strategy for cloud computing deployment.” CIeNET’s Chief Architect explained a cost-effective strategy for implementation, “CIeNET’s initial phase design for cloud deployment did not involve any additional hardware purchasing or investment in high-performance, high-availability processing. We only backed-up control nodes and didn’t consider special situations and conditions. We used a few medium to high-end machines as the control and compute nodes and used ordinary hardware for storage which provided significant cost savings.”

There are many cloud operating systems in the market and CIeNET chooses to use OpenStack for its openness, simplicity and popularity in application. OpenStack has become the choice of many large enterprises. It is not only an open and scalable operating system for building public and private clouds, but offers flexibility and choice through a highly engaged community of over 180 companies. All the companies use OpenStack as a general front-end of creating infrasturcture-as-a-Service (IaaS).


CIeNET Cloud Services Powered by OpenStack

Cloud Computing has significant advantages for SMEs, including fast deployment, reduced costs, scalability and more. Private Cloud Computing allows SMEs and IT organizations to most easily deploy a well-managed and secured cloud, built on virtualization and automation.

Delivering 100 percent of the core OpenStack services, CIeNET provides IT professionals an easier way to deploy and manage a private IaaS cloud.


What does CIeNET Cloud Services offer?

Cloud Infrastructure Deployment Based On OpenStack

  • Plan, design and implement your private cloud environment
  • Migrate your current IT infrastructure to the cloud
  • OpenStack customization and integration with your own IT environment

OpenStack Development, Partnership & Consultation

  • Develop your OpenStack based products and solutions with CIeNET’s cloud experts
  • Cloud computing consultation and cloud adoption assessment

CIeNET is actively participating in the OpenStack community to make OpenStack successful. We support the OpenStack mission not only by contributing codes, and sharing CIeNET’s practice of deploying OpenStack at the OpenStack APAC Conference but providing OpenStack-based cloud services.

Besides traditional IT outsourcing services, CIeNET has extended its expertise to the fast growing cloud-based segment that deliver the latest and  total-solution service models to customers.