CIeNET Technologies Announced a major upgrade of its Mobile Automated Test System (MATS) with full support of Android 5.0+ and iOS 8.0+ devices

16th June, 2015, Beijing

CIeNET Technologies (Beijing) this week announced a major upgrade of its self-proprietary Mobile Automated Test System (MATS), starting to fully support Android 5.0+ and iOS 8.0+ devices, s well as the support of LAN/WLAN connection for testing devices.

MATS is an easy-to-use automated software testing platform for multiple environments, devices and software applications, which is widely adopted by Android-powered device manufacturers and both Android & iOS app developers to conduct both functional and non-functional test before formal product release. MATS consists of 3 parts, namely, TMS (Test Management System),NODE( Server to execute automation tasks) and IDE (Integrated Development Environment ), which is featured at largely reducing the time and cost for clients by automatically executing all testing tasks.

With this major upgrade, MATS has more new features,

  • Fully support automated testing in Android 5.0+ devices
  • Fully support device connection via LAN/WLAN in Android automation, which will extend the testing scope to devices without USB debugging port, such as STB,IVI, wearable, smart appliance, etc.
  • Fully support automated testing in iOS 8.0+ devices
  • IDE to have GUI tool for scripting
  • IDE is able to reload and edit scripts

"This is our first major upgrade since MATS was launched 1 year ago. During this period, we have collected a number of customer feedback in the past numerous rounds of testing. MATS team keeps close interactions with the device manufacturer and app developers, and understands well their concerns and needs in testing service. We address these concerns with continuous improvements in our MATS. I’m glad that with this upgrade, MATS’ testing scope will extend to more mainstream devices and apps, so that we can better serve our clients and become their long-term trusted partners in testing area. We believe this upgrade will bring our customer a whole new testing experience—more stable, more reliable and most important--faster in the testing process to effectively reduce the customer’s time and cost, and finally help them win in the highly-competitive market", said Chief Technician of MATS, Mr. Liu Jia from CIeNET Technologies.