CIeNET Explores Expansion Opportunities in Greater Toronto

27th November 2015, Beijing

Members of CIeNET’s Management Team met with the mayor of Markham, Mr. Frank Scarpitti, and members of the city’s government delegation at CIeNET’s Beijing headquarters on Nov 24th to discuss a possible new Technology and Development Center.

Known as Canada’s High-Tech Capital, Markham has the most regional headquarters and research centers including IT giants like IBM, AMD, Toshiba, Apple and Huawei. Mr. Scarpitti visited China with a business delegation to explore possible bi-lateral cooperation opportunities with IT enterprises, including CIeNET. Since elected as Mayor of Markham, Mr. Scarpitti has successfully attracted and retained global enterprises due to the city's commitment to establishing a sophisticated infrastructure, pro-business policies and environment, and a steadfast plan to enhance its position as a regional and global High-Tech and Innovation Incubation Hub. As part of his long-term vision for Markham and CIeNET's North America strategy, Mr. Scarpitti and CIeNET discussed possible modes of cooperation and identified many synergies between the city and CIeNET’s position as one of the leading technical solution providers. Since CIeNET first entered Canada in 2005 with its Toronto office, its strategy and vision for Canada have remained constant, including many engagements with globally recognized Canadian enterprises. CIeNET continues to build its local Canadian presence and the new state-of-the-art Technology and Development Center in the Greater Toronto Area will facilitate further growth.

“It’s a decision made after our deliberate consideration of corporate strategy to expand our global network to North America. Attracted by the country’s rich talents in the information technology sector, the advanced infrastructure as well as the domestic market in Canada, we’re looking forward to a possible long-term cooperation with the city of Markham”, said Jarter Fang, Executive Vice President of CIeNET.