CIeNET International Management attended 2016 Annual Diversity Procurement Fair held by CAMSC in Toronto and visited Mayor of Markham

19th April 2016, Toronto

Michael Yuan, EVP of CIeNET International, Grace Sang, Site Manager of CIeNET Technology and Development Center in Toronto and Eva Chow, Business Development Director of CIeNET International attended the 2016 Annual Diversity Procurement Fair held by Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC) in Toronto.

CAMSC is a non-profit organization created in 2004 to advance the economic strength of Aboriginal and visible minority communities through business development and employment. As the 1st year member of CAMSC, CIeNET re-connected with former customers in the fair while also establishing new business contacts to support its North America expansion plans.

A technical company founded by Asian Americans, CIeNET always proactively participates events and programs that are aimed at increasing business chances for minority companies, and has made significant contribution in enhancing the social influence and business development for minorities’ companies, especially Asian American companies in US, and thus awarded the Minority Global Technology Firm of the Year by the MBDA of US Department of Commerce in 2010.

During the time, CIeNET delegate visited the Markham City Hall at Markham Civic Center, where they had phone conversation with Frank Scarpitti, the Mayor of Markham and met with Andy Taylor, Chief Administrative Officer, Stephen Chait, Director of Economic Development and Development Services Commission and Sandra Tam, Senior Business Development Officer, for a warm reception and meeting. Both sides discussed strategies for continued economic and technological growth in the city of Markham and how both can support each other in this endeavor.