CIeNET Management Invited to Speak in the Markham-Wuhan Sister City Relations 10th Anniversary Celebration

10th November, 2016

2016 Oct 13th, Markham, Canada—Michael Yuan, Executive Vice President of CIeNET International was invited to speak in the 10th anniversary celebration of Markham-Wuhan Sister City Relations. During the celebration, a series of bilateral events and programs were held in various locations in the City of Markham.

One of the major events was Canada-China Economic Trade Conference, in which Michael delivered a speech on Business Success in Canada sharing both his personal experience and CIeNET’s business success in Canada to those entrepreneurs who plan to invest in the region. Markham and Wuhan’s relationship can date back 15 years ago when this strategic alliance was formed and then formerly transitioned to sister city status with the signing of the first Memorandum of Understanding in 2006. In addition to the Economic Trade Conference, a memorable and inspiring full-day program was designed to commemorate the occasion. Business leaders from both cities kicked off the Wuhan project, a new large scale real estate project on Warden Ave featuring a convention center, office and retail, schools and restaurants. Separately, a naming ceremony was attended by hundreds of Markham citizens in changing one of its major streets as Wuhan Avenue. It is the second time in a short period that CIeNET was invited to present in Markham government’s important events.

CIeNET chose Markham to establish its development center to support its growing Canadian customers. “I’m glad to be invited to speak and meet Mayor Scarpitti and his team again. It was also such a pleasure meeting Plenipotentiary Vice Major Hu and the delegation and business leaders from Wuhan. With offices in both Markham and Wuhan, CIeNET is honored to represent both cities in the events throughout the celebration. Together with our business partners, we are looking forward to the next ten years of increasing cross-city investments, opportunities, and prosperities. CIeNET will continue to expand our presence and take an active role in driving innovation in both cities.” said Michael.